Engineering skills underpin the UK economy, accounting for almost a quarter of the turnover of all enterprises in the UK in 2012. To keep this sector buoyant, there is a pressing need to prime the talent pipeline by inspiring young people to pursue engineering careers and giving them a strong academic foundation.

The NextGen event aims to create a positive perception of engineering among young people by presenting it in an exciting, vibrant and informative way. Our focus is to promote engineering to young people in primary and secondary schools within under-represented communities in Scotland.

AFBE-UK Scotland aim to promote the engineering profession as really exciting, and to demonstrate that it is accessible to everyone regardless of cultural, social background or gender. They hope that by doing this, more young people of all backgrounds can appreciate what engineers do, even if they decide further down the line that engineering is not for them.
Aberdeen City Council (2017)

Inspired by the AFBE-UK Make Engineering Hot (MEH) campaign in England, NextGen seeks to provide STEM careers inspiration for young people and to support teachers in delivering information that helps students understand the range of modern engineering career paths and the value employers place on STEM subjects.

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