Membership Benefits

AFBE-UK draws its membership from the full range of engineering disciplines and stakeholders including engineering managers, consultants, contractors, professional technology practitioners as well as engineers who have veered into other professions.

The benefits of membership include but are not limited to the following:

  • Recognition: As a member you will gain recognition among your peers and others. AFBE-UK recognises members through our newsletters which we circulate to leading and influential industry leaders. We give you an opportunity to shout about what you have achieved and be recognised for it
  • Mentoring: You have the opportunity of being assigned to an industry mentor or to be a mentor to others. Our three tier mentoring system allows members to mentor and be mentored.
  • Networking: There are a lot of networking opportunities because we have several annual seminars and networking events where we bring people from within our industry together. AFBE-UK provides opportunities for you to make connections with other people within your field and industry in general.
  • Influencing Change: AFBE-UK continues to gain recognition within the engineering industry, and we are starting to have a voice in influencing change in international development and issues relating to BME communities in the UK Through our programmes you can help inspire the next generation of engineers. This will give you greater influence within your community as you provide career options to young people.
  • Sharing your Experience: You can share your experiences in an informal environment, give and receive advice from other members. We have many members with varied levels of experience from different areas and fields.
  • Connections: There are many opportunities to meet high profile engineers and industry leaders through our bi annual advisory board meeting and annual seminars.
  • Careers Information Portal: We provide our members with any information we have about opportunities and vacancies within our industry. These and many more are just of a few of the benefits of membership.

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